Ever wonder what the infosec professional in your org is really thinking?  Here you will be offered a rare glance into the mind of one such infosec professional.  Journey through the laughter, the tears, the frustrations, and the burying of bodies.

With over 15 years of experience in information security, Michelle K. lived the consultant life performing security assessments to developing security strategies and programs for organizations in various industries.  Once the opportunity to actually sit on the other side of the table, she put down roots and is now the manager of the IS Risk group for her organization.

She also spent several years as the former president of the Dallas NAISG Chapter; coordinator for an annual information security conference for the DFW area (BSidesDFW); and former board member for Security BSides. She’s @klingerock on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I do not speak for all infosec professionals, neither good nor bad.  These are my own thoughts based on my own experiences.

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